Sarah Grace Holcomb & Patrick Sandefur



Found objects, oyster shells, plexiglass

This installation, Reflection/Restoration, will be on view to the public as part of the 9th Annual Governors Island Art Fair presented by 4Heads

The ninth edition of GIAF will expand this September to include new installations at Castle Williams, a historic defense structure on Governors Island. A selection of artists will install works in eight of the massive building’s casemates - which later served as military prison cells - marking the first time ever that art will be featured in these spaces. This expansion of GIAF builds on last year’s use by 4heads of the underground munitions chambers at Fort Jay, driving their mission to enliven historic locations throughout the city with relevant, contemporary art. GIAF will open to the public on September 3rd —and remain open every weekend throughout the month—presenting the work of over 100 artists, from the U.S. and abroad, across Castle Williams, Colonels Row, and Fort Jay, as well as many designated outdoor locations. 

This project was made possible by the generous contribution by the Billion Oyster Project and as a collaboration with Patrick Sandefur.

Drawing from the multitudinous stewards and uses of Governor’s Island’s history, it is our aim, with the employ of natural, found and fabricated objects, to create a site-specific sculpture on the lawn of Governor’s Row as a study of man’s interaction with its ecosystem.

Waste vs. Disposal, Consumption vs. Symbiosis, Entropy vs. Apathy and the gray areas between these notions.